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Hsin-Chung Wang

Hsin Chung WangI was graduated from Tamkang University with bachelor degree in Mathematics in 1989. After I switched my field to study mathematical statistics and obtained the master's degree in 1991, I passed the test and joined Cathay Life Insurance Co. in 1993 (10/1993~5/2001). I have experienced three different departments in Cathay. In Mathematic department, the major functions are to design the accident insurance and group insurance products, draw up the sales representative benefit approach, design DM and marketing workshop and so on for product operation and business plan, such as originating the idea on purchasing insurance to get free roadside assistance services, reviewing the insurance rate in response to the start of the medical insurance in the National Health Insurance, employee benefit group insurance plan and so on. From 1996 to 1998, following the company manager rotation method, I served as business executive in the property insurance, life insurance, credit card sales and mortgage business and the members' education and training and the organization development, etc. In 1999, I was transferred back to the headquarter direct marketing department to help constructing the call center of the sales system, do special marketing plan and data mining, recruit and train staffs, review the performance until went back to school for Ph.D. degree in 2001.

After graduating from National Chengchi University with Ph.D. degree in 2006, I accepted an offer from Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, Aletheia University, as an assistant professor and also serve as director in Chung Hua Senior High School. My major research fields are statistics and actuarial science.

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