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Campus Westend

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The conference will be held at the House of Finance on Goethe University's beautiful Campus Westend. Situated in a large park only 1.5 km northwest of the city centre, the Campus is dominated by the spectacular 'I.G. Farben Building', one of the most prominent examples of expressionistic architecture in Germany. Designed by Hans Poelzig, it was constructed from 1928 to 1931 to become the World Headquarter of I.G. Farben, then the biggest chemical company in the world. From 1945 until 1995 it served as the US Army's European Headquarter. In 1996, the premises were purchased by the State of Hesse as a new location for Frankfurt’s Goethe University, which is using the site since 2001. In several construction stages, the area to the northwest of the 'I.G. Farben Building' is being turned into one of the most modern European university locations. Stage 1, which – among other buildings – included the House of Finance was finished in 2008, and Stage 2 is likely to be finished by 2013. With an investment volume of several hundred million Euros, the Campus Westend currently is the biggest university development project in Europe.