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Cord Roland Rinke

Cord Ronald Rinke Cord is Deputy Managing Director of Hannover Life Re Germany, which includes the responsibility for all UK annuity business and Hannover Life Re’s Corporate Actuarial department. During the last years, Hannover Life Re has actively worked on transferring longevity risks from pension schemes onto its books. Cord and his team have written various longevity deals on pension schemes with a number of insurance carriers and banks.

In his prior role, he was responsible for the life reassurance business in Asia and the annuity reassurance business in the UK. His team was responsible for structuring tailor-made solutions for Hannover Life Re’s clients in the UK and the clients of the branch offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Stockholm. Cord was involved in establishing a subsidiary, Hannover Life Re Ireland, which is one of Hannover Life Re’s specialist entities for financing reassurance business. During his time in Dublin, he developed alternative reassurance structures for annuity business.

He joined Hannover Life Re in 1990. Initially he worked as treaty underwriter for North American life reassurance business, focusing on financing reassurance. In the middle of the 1990s he was largely involved in the establishment of Impaired Live Annuities and Enhanced Annuities in the UK. Since then Hannover Life Re has successfully become the market leader in the reassurance of UK Enhanced Annuities. Cord holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Hannover.

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