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Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September 2009
New YorkSt John's University
New York City

Longevity risk is an increasingly important risk to recognize, quantify and manage for both pension plan and annuity providers, as well as for individuals. Getting the right trend improvements in life expectancy is the key to managing this risk. However, this has proven to be difficult to realize in the past; even official agencies have systematically underestimated previous mortality improvements. Longevity risk, like interest rate and inflation risk, is an unrewarded risk. Pension plan and annuity providers are beginning to question whether this is a risk they should be assuming. The capital markets are beginning to offer solutions for managing and unloading longevity risk.

During this two day international event, leading international industry and academic minds met and discussed not only the assessment of longevity risk, but also the type of instruments needed by pension funds and insurance companies to hedge this risk. The latest developments in longevity as an asset class were also discussed.

James Barrese, St John’s University, New York

David Blake, Pensions Institute, Cass Business School, London, UK

Richard MacMinn, Katie School, Illinois State University

Nicos Scordis, St John’s University, New York

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