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Call for papers

Submission Instructions

Academics and practitioners are invited to submit papers in all areas relating to longevity risk and capital markets solutions. Papers dealing with longevity risk, morbidity risk or mortality modeling will need to demonstrate their contribution in helping to promote the development of a longevity-linked capital market. Preference will be given to those papers that a) address the key themes outlined above and/or b) address key weaknesses in the current state of the capital market. Papers that satisfy these criteria will then go through a standard refereeing process for inclusion in the conference.

The deadline for paper or abstract submission is 30 April 2010 and decisions will be communicated to authors by 11 June 2010 when the formal programme for the conference will be announced. Jointly authored papers should be submitted by the person who will present the paper, if it is accepted.

Please email your paper or abstract by 30 April 2010 to Chloe Blinman at

Scientific Committee

Submitted papers will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee comprising:

Special Issue of Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice

The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice will publish a Dedicated Issue of selected papers presented at the conference in October 2011. All papers will be subject to the journal review process. The editors for this issue will be: